Tracing a path towards growth

Some people often wonder what the future holds. We’ve chosen to write it.

It was a long and incredible journey before INNOVENGER was born. I founded the company in 2018 based on a passion and on many years of experience. Then, I summed up the courage to start this small operation that would drive innovation for large clients with a global footprint. Today, INNOVENGER becomes part of an international network, with more means for greater good. That is to say: Dreams are meant to intimidate you; If they don’t, then you’re not dreaming big enough.

INNOVENGER seeks out the creative mind, the idealist who can work, collaborate, and deliver under strict timelines. We are driven by our desire to create and make the world a better place. Our passion fuels the relentless pursuit for innovation and adventure. At INNOVENGER , we listen first, and then we engage in deep collaboration / conversations to work towards a common goal and to generate unparalleled value based on our collective experience.


I founded INNOVENGER on the principle that skills and experience, applied within structured frameworks or methodology, will shine at their full potential when red tape has been cut out of the equation, and only passion remains as the key driver. I bring over 25 years of consulting experience, where I have led complex programs and initiatives that have taken the global stage particularly in the Retail, Fashion and Consumer Goods sectors, with a wide and varied coverage of IT, Digital, Commerce and Business Process complexities.
In parallel to this, Nembrini Consulting, a pre-eminent consulting firm headquartered in Switzerland, had started to expand abroad while growing its team to over 100 global consultants.. At its core, Nembrini Consulting offered us precisely what we had been seeking to grow INNOVENGER : a team of like-minded altruistic people from all walks of life; some bringing experience from elite consulting firms or the C-levels; others who are simply just great entrepreneurs or thought-leaders.

Nembrini Consulting has been serving Europe at large, including the Middle East, and with the recent opening of its Indian subsidiary, the company increased its scaling capacity to better serve clients and partners.


INNOVENGER and Nembrini Consulting share a common vision of the future that is grounded in the same values and driven by passion – resulting in a team that is better scaled for greater challenges.

Given all of the above, we could easily see that this partnership was a match made in heaven for greater growth from both entities:

  • INNOVENGER  takes on leadership for operations in Italy (as well as the new Martech offering and “”, the iconic Marketplace to be launched in 2023)
  • Nembrini Consulting SA further expand its international network, getting advantage of the extended coverage

What binds us, is that we are all top performers with an altruistic core. We put People first, and we go above and beyond expectations – for our clients, our partners, and our teammates.

We are PASSIONATE, we are CREATIVE, we are INNOVATIVE, we are INNOVENGER and Nembrini Consulting.
We are greater than the sum of our parts.

We are well-connected, and thus we’re also incredibly agile to fulfil demand in very short cycle times.


So back to the initial question: What exactly does the future hold? I am keeping my role as CEO for INNOVENGER , as I join the international leadership group of the network. Together we will write this next chapter, and I am proud for the role that I take in it, and pleased to be joined by this fantastic team. I look forward to the ambitious growth plan that we have in front of us…

Claudio Bianchi